App Team update

Hi All,

Last night the app team reviewed designs for the android app from the previous week.
Brian showed his version 1.0 of a Kinsale Coder Dojo app to everyone at the class. Well done Brian!!
We had some visitors from Midleton sit in for a while. They were interested in starting a Dojo in the Midleton area.
Ken Forde went over some introductory Java syntax and other general Java info. Using a java compiler called JCreator he showed a simple Java program called (‘Hello World’) while Shane and Jim covered more about how design and testing works in software, also covering some basic binary information used in computers.. More on that in the next class in 2 weeks! (Homework – Find out more about George Boole – )
Jack created a Dropbox folder for the app team to be able to share code. Brian added his .apk file for folks to install on android devices, maybe he’ll share his code also – JCreator is now up there, so download it and install and try writing a ‘Hello World’ program using JCreator. Here’s the code:
public class HelloWorld {

public static void main (String[] args ) {

System.out.println(“Hello World”);


More info on Java code can be found here:
Some Java terms: Class, Instance, Objects, Variable, Initialisation, Main method,
Some Java rules: You must have pairs of brackets. Java statements end with a semi-colon. Java is case sensitive.
Top marks to Eolann for answering all last night’s questions also!

Meeting again on 1st June – @7pm in Kinsale CS.
The A-A-Team (Android App Team)