CoderDojo Grading

CoderDojo Anvil, Indiana, USA
What is CoderDojo?
CoderDojo Nürnberg, Germany

CoderDojo did not get its name by accident. A Dojo is a place of learning and while we focus on helping Ninjas to learn in a fun and engaging way, it is important to recognise the success and progression that each Ninja makes. Belts and badges are how this is achieved within CoderDojo.

CoderDojo Belts

Recognizing Ninja’s progress

Belts are awarded to show the progress of a Ninja through the Dojo, covering multiple disciplines from learning to take first steps in IT up to, and including, teaching and the designing of their own projects. We take Ninjas at any level from beginners to those who would like to learn to pass on their skills.

CoderDojo Badges

Earn badges for completing challenges

Badges are awarded for specific tasks, be it learning to write their first program in scratch or designing a website. Badges mount up until they qualify for a belt.

Did you know?

Interesting facts about programming languages

Computers have been around for a long time so there is a lot of history there with some very interesting facts!

Lots of languages

To date, nearly 700 programming languages have been created.

Low level language

Assembly language is the closest language to machine code (the code a computer can understand).

One of the first

Fortran was the first high level computer programming language.