CoderDojo Belts

CoderDojo Anvil, Indiana, USA
What is CoderDojo?
CoderDojo Nürnberg, Germany

Belts are given to Dojo attendees who have earned them for their dedication to the Dojo and developing their programming skills!

Belt Awards are a great way of encouraging young people to progress their skills in different areas, there is always another challenge for you to focus on!

  • We (the whole Dojo – mentors, parents and all club members) will help you get there
  • We will be clear about what is required to get to the next belt level
  • We will give you feedback for next time if you did not make it
  • An element of Social Good is a must – (e.g. upholding the CoderDojo Mottos, mentoring others in the Dojo, making a website for a charity, etc.)

Applying for a Belt
‘Applying’ sounds very formal but the basic idea is that anyone can request to be assessed for a Belt.   Let any of the mentors know that you would like to apply for a belt.  Mentors will then discuss with you what is needed (your goals) and agree how to achieve your goals.

Main Objectives of the Belt Award System

  1. Learn Skills (sushi cards, internet resources) – these are the practical skills that are picked up at Dojos week in, week out
  2. Put Skills into Practice – demonstrate that skills are understood and are being put into practice together (not just copied)
  3. Recognition – Belts are awarded based on recognition from Mentors and peers