Beginner Unity Sushi

Set the Stage

Before you can get started making your game, you need to do a little setup.

  • Start Unity and choose New to create a new project.

  • When asked for a name for the project, call it “Beginner Unity Sushi” so it’ll be easy to find later!

  • Click Create Project and wait for your project to appear on screen!

  • In the top right-hand corner of the Unity window, you’ll see a menu called Layout. Click on it and pick Default.

    The Unity screen with the Layout menu at the top right

  • Look at the panel named Assets. You should see a folder there called Scenes.

    The Scenes folder in Assets

There is no Scenes folder

If there is no folder named Scenes, you can create it.

  • Go to the menu bar (on a Mac it’s at the top of the screen, on a Windows PC it’s at the top of the Unity window) and choose the Assets menu toward the left.

  • Select Create > Folder, which means pick the Create option and then the Folder option in the menu that opens below.

  • You’ll be asked for a name for your new folder. Call it Scenes.

The next thing you need is a scene. It turns our you already have one, because the Unity project started with one, so you just need to save it.

  • Go to the top menu and choose File > Save Scene as…. You’ll need to give the scene a name and choose a location to save it in. Call it MazeRoboBegins and save it in the Scenes folder that’s inside the Assets folder.

Saving your work

  • Remember to save regularly as you go along, so that you don’t accidentally lose all your hard work!

  • To save, click File > Save Scenes, or press the Ctrl (cmd on a Mac!) and s keys together.