Exercise Tracker

Recording Exercise

  • Create a new project and give it a name, for example GetFit.

  • Click on Screen1 under Components and change the Title property to Track your exercise here!.

  • Find the TextBox component in the Palette (under User Interface) and add it to your app, along with a Button.

  • Change the Text property of the button to Enter.

  • To arrange the components side by side, drag a HorizontalArrangement onto the screen (you’ll find it in Layout) and drag the TextBox and Button into it.

  • Find the Hint property for the TextBox and type Minutes. This will appear faintly in the textbox if the user hasn’t typed anything in yet, so they know what to type.

  • Check the box that says ‘NumbersOnly’ so that only a number can be entered in the TextBox.

Great! The user can type in the number of minutes they exercised for. Now you want to save that information when they press the button.

  • Switch to the Blocks and take out a when Button.Click block.

  • The first thing you’ll need is to create a local variable to store the TextBox value in. Grab the initialise local name to block from Variables, and slot it into the when Button Click block.

  • Then click where it says name and instead type mins to name your local variable.

  • Take out a Textbox.Text block and attach it onto the initialise local mins block to store what’s been typed into the TextBox.

Now that you’ve retrieved this information, you’re going to create a list to put it in. After all, you want to be able to record lots of exercise sessions!

  • At the top of your code, add an initialize global name to block, and name it minutesList. Then find the create empty list block from Lists and use it to initialise your list.

  • From Lists, take the block add items to list and put it into your local variable block.

You need to attach two things to this block: the list you want to add something to, and the ‘something’ you want to add, meaning the item.

  • Hover over the name of your global list variable and grab the get global minutesList block that appears. Connect this to the list attachment of the add items to list block.

  • Then do the same with the local variable, mins, to attach a get mins block to the item part of add items to list.

On the next card, you’ll add all the list items together to work out the total amount of exercise you’ve done!