My First Website



The original Sushi Cards! Suitable for offline coding. Ninjas learn to build their first web pages, including headings, links, images, tables and formatting.

Tips for use

Operating Systems
These cards were designed for Windows You can use the Windows cards on Mac too though there’ll be some minor differences with the screenshots and command buttons. You can also find Mac files inside the source files.
  1. Copy the about-me.html file and the images and css folders from the source files to the Ninja’s machine before using the cards.
  2. You can also copy the worksheets folder. This contains the PDF and SVG format Sushi Cards, so as they can have them for use after the Dojo.
  3. It’s a good idea to ensure that file extensions are visible on the target computer.
  4. Get the learner started by opening about-me.html in a browser and also in Notepad (or text editor of your choice – we recommend Atom) and then arranging them side-by-side. Then give the learner Card 1.