Password Generator

How secure is your password?

A computer could try to guess your password by using ‘brute force’ – this means trying out lots of passwords until it guesses the right one.

Let’s find out how long it would take a computer to guess your password.

  • Go to, which is a website for finding out how secure your passwords are.


  • Type in “letmein” (Let me in) as the password. You’ll see that a computer would guess this password instantly!


    You’ll also see some reasons why “letmein” isn’t a good password to use:

    • It’s a very common password (one of the 15 most used passwords). A computer would guess these first.

    • It contains words from the dictionary. A computer would also try these passwords first.

    • It’s very short. It would take a computer more time to guess a longer password.

    • It only contains letters. Passwords are more secure if they also contain numbers and punctuation.

  • Try entering a dictionary word. How long would it take a computer to guess that password?