Mosquito Patrol


This project is going to help you learn to create computer programs in Scratch!

What you will make

You will make a game where you protect people from malaria by making a parrot catch mosquitoes.

Below is an example of how the finished game might look. Press the green flag to run the project. Use the arrow keys to move the parrot around and try to catch the mosquitoes. If you catch ten mosquitoes, you can see what happens when you win!

What you will learn

  • Adding and deleting code blocks
  • Basic motion: move in steps, and turn by degrees
  • Using keyboard controls
  • Using x/y coordinates to position sprites
  • Changing the look of the Stage and of sprites with costumes and show/hide
  • Multiple sprites on screen
  • Forever loops
  • Detecting when sprites are touching

What you will need

You’re going to need Scratch! Do one of the following two and once you’re set up, move on to the next step.