What’s Happening 17-Dec-2014

Friday Dec 19th is the last week to signup for the Kinsale Coderdojo “RoboSlam” robot workshop we’ll be running early next year.  Check out:   roboslam.wordpress.com , to see a blog that describes the project we’ll be running.    Please bring €15 to signup for our robot workshop.
We need to finalise on the participant numbers by this Friday, because it takes 4 weeks to order all the parts, and assemble them into the project kits. This will be a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in robots, or building small electronic projects, and you’ll get a chance to write software to control your robot’s life!   We will also support some advanced robot sensors and control, if you feel brave enough to explore adding more advanced sensors to your robot (you would have to organise sourcing your own advanced sensors, if that’s what you wanted to try).
Since this is our last dojo before the Christmas break, Nick will be challenging the group with some exciting Scratch festive challenges!
Here are our new email and twitter accounts:
new dojo email address:   kinsalecoderdojo@gmail.com
new Twitter address:   @coderdojoKCD
Reminder:  Coderdojo is about you having fun, and learning how to code….so if you have projects or ideas you want to explore, and you need some mentoring/advice, please just ask any of the mentors!….we usually have two or three at each Friday night gathering!
Reminder 2:   If you’re interested in mentoring, we could use your enthusiasm and support!
Merry Christmas!…..     Jim, Nick, Des and Alan