Minecraft Modding – Week 3, Updated Slides…

Hi All,
Last week was a challenging week for a lot of you, but we managed to get one Modder to create their first Minecraft custom Block!  That was a superb achievement!
The updated week 3 slides that are included in this post, include the guidance for how to create a new Block using the “ModLoader” helper functions, and I’ve also included expanded instructions on how to create “Recipes” for our first manual Block and our new Mod Block….so that both blocks can be crafted within the game.
Updated Week 3 Modding Slides
This concludes the introductory sessions on Minecraft.   At our next gathering, we’ll work on helping those that wish to get their Blocks up and running, and ensuring everyone who’s managed to get their Block working in Minecraft, also has a way to craft that Block.
See you all at our next session….Fri 22nd February!  Jim