Recursion and Nature, in Python

We all know the beauty of trees and plans and animals.  So many of these wonders of the world are build using patterns ….have you ever looked at the leaf of a fern?
Here are a couple of interesting articles that talk about recursion and nature, and the wonder of how complex things can be made up of repeated patterns:

Python and Drawing Shapes

The Nature of Code

To help us learn Python, we learned the basics of using “Turtle Graphics”, which led us to building a full blown tree!   The tree and the code for it are below.  If you want access to the series of steps we used to learn how to draw the tree, come see Jim or Nick.
Screenshot 2016-01-26 17.04.42
Below you will find a more basic tree and the code for generating it…your challenge is to see how you can use Python to add the “extra features” that make the tree look more real!
Screenshot 2016-01-26 17.21.12
here’s the code:
Screenshot 2016-01-26 17.19.55
As always, have fun!