What’s Happening 14-Feb-2014

We had a very good Arduino project session on Friday night, with everyone getting their project working!….check out these working projects, and their developers….

Darragh’s LED/Buzzer morse-code project: 


David’s Maplin LCD project, with programmable input: 


Ian (and Dad)’s auto-morse LED/buzzer signaling project:


Joseph and Casey’s “Ohm” LED lightboard:


and finally, Oisin’s switch controlled buzzer:


All the groups had a great time building their projects, and the Arduino familiarity and expertise is certainly growing in our Kinsale dojo!
Alan took the scratch team through a refresher of HTML and basic web page construction.  Our dojo’ers haven’t done many HTML projects in a while, so it was a nice change to explore how to build a website.  No doubt, there will be new websites springing up in Kinsale in the next little while!  The usual Scratch creativity was also a highlight.
Learning HTML, and building websites, or learning how to use an Arduino, to drive LED’s/LCD’s or buzzers, is the foundation of many of today’s mobile and electronic projects, and the kids are making fantastic progress in exploring how to put together the basic building blocks.
Jim and Alan