With the help of our trusty webmakers we have been busy redesigning our Website for the socially distanced era. 

The issue with running a Dojo in these difficult times is getting engaging projects and lessons to our Ninjas, to work on between our regular Thursday Dojo sessions. So, with this as our main objective, our whole website (https://kinsalecoderdojo.com) has been rebuilt. 

This not insignificant task is now almost complete. It welcomes new Ninjas and provides vital information to parents and mentors. It also guides Ninjas in the learning of their chosen field and we will strive to keep it updated regularly with new content and topics from both our Dojo and the wider CoderDojo community. 

If you take the time to explore the site, please make sure you check out the online coding (Kata) sections that allow Ninjas to work in a single browser tab, whilst following Sushi project cards and seeing the results of their programming live on the site! See an example here

It doesn’t come much more innovative than that! 

This new website, together with our Microsoft Teams teaching environment, allows Kinsale CoderDojo to bring tailored, safe and informative information direct to our Ninjas. 

To coin a horrendous Microsoft phrase, we are “Eating our own Dogfood” using the tools that we bring to the Dojo to create our own sophisticated online presence. 

If you are a parent or an aspiring Ninja, check out our guide on how to join here to find out how you can become a valued member of one of the oldest Dojos in the world……