What’s Happening 15-Feb-2015

Our 2nd week of the Kinsale Coderdojo #Roboslam workshop saw many of the robots come to life!   The challenges of getting the components placed correctly, and ensuring that the LED and diode polarities were correct, were all overcome…..and the majority of the robots sprang to life
Thanks to Nick for setting up the validation station…that helped many teams ensure they had good hardware, before coding began.  Here’s Nick’s validation station:


Now the real excitement starts!!!…..we’re off for the mid-term break, but when we return, you’ll be writing code to control the robot motors and wheels, and we’ll follow that with bringing the proximity sensor online.   If you want to get a head-start on the upcoming weeks, then visit the #Roboslam website:   roboslam.wordpress.com, and read up on your coding challenges for the motor and sensor control.
If you’ve taken pictures of your robot, send them onto me at kinsalecoderdojo@gmail.com
Regards, Jim/Nick/Des