What’s happening 19th October 2012

NOTE: We’re short of mentors for this meeting, Mervyn, Alan and myself will all be absent! It’s your opportunity to lend a hand no matter what your age!
Kinsale CoderDojo are meeting at the Kinsale Community School on Friday night, 19th October 2012 at 7.00PM. There will be two groups:

  1. Scratch: There are two tutorials to work through this week. You will be programming a Cat and Dog game or a Bat Cave game  tutorials developed by Steve O’Neil (http://www.oneil.com.au/pc/scratch.html). You can download the tutorial from his web site or here: Scratch-Lesson-3 and Scratch-Lesson-2. If you can, please print out a couple of copies :)
  2. RoboCode: Jim’s making you programme tonight! He will continue the introduction to Java and explain how to build your robot.  You will be formed into teams, and there will be a trial tournament at the end of the evening.  Your teams will continue building your robot over the next couple of Friday’s, and there will be a big tournament lined up to see who’s robot is the champ!  (if you haven’t read up on Java programming, take a few minutes to do a few beginner tutorials….).
    Any mentors who have experience writing code in Java are more than welcome to help mentor the robot teams!

Of course, if you are welcome to continue working on Alice or Gamemaker if you have a project on the go.
Nick Grattan.