What’s Happening 20 April 2012

We’re back this Friday at the Kinsale Community School.
We’re going to do something different over the next few weeks. How about writing a program with out writing code? Well, you’ll sort of write code, but there’s hardly any typing!
The answer is …

You’ll be working with sound, motion and possibly even action!
So, in preparation for Friday, please download and install Scratch. There are versions for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. Here are the web addresses:
Home Page: http://scratch.mit.edu/
Download Page: http://infoscratch.media.mit.edu/Scratch_1.4_Download
Getting Started Guide: http://info.scratch.mit.edu/sites/infoscratch.media.mit.edu/docs/ScratchGettingStartedv14.pdf
I promise, this is going to be fun!
Nick Grattan