What’s Happening 22-Nov-2013

Hi Everyone,
Last week was our first week with improved wifi access, so I hope you all felt that your internet speed was better!  If you are still struggling with getting a good internet connection, come see one of the mentors.
This week we will continue with Scratch in the main room, and Jim is going to introduce the “Pepsi Challenge” group to arrays!….not like “death arrays”!, but things you use in software, that help you keep collections of other things….like in the Pepsi Challenge, we’ll be keeping a collection of the Pepsi bubbles in an array!  If all that sounds strange, drop by the small room at the end of the hallway during our dojo, and see 200 Pepsi bubbles, all being drawn at 60 times a second!….that’s 1200 bubbles drawn every second!
For those that wish to peak at the code we will be reviewing tomorrow (Fri Nov 22nd), take a look at the javascript in this file…. Particles4.html
It is now getting cold outside, so if you feel it cold in the building, just talk to your parent or a mentor, and we’ll turn the heat up higher!
Kinsale Coderdojo…..Be Cool! (not cold!)