What’s Happening 24-Jan-2014!

As usual, everyone had fun last Friday night (17th Jan) and this week promises no less!   Please bring along a friend, we’ve got lots of room for new dojo’ers!
The Arduino group made great progress again last week, and we had 3 new Arduino kits show up….just proving that it a really exciting, fantastic challenge, and lots of fun!….especially when you manage to get our projects working!   There is nothing like the feeling of being able to set out a goal, then design and build it (like a flashing LED electronic project), and it works!….all due to some clever electronics knowledge, and the code that you wrote!   Who would have thought that a year ago, if someone had told you, “you’d be designing electronics, and writing software to make it work”, ….and you really have done that!
Here’s a photo of our LCD project (work in progress)….

Arduino LCD Project
Arduino LCD Project

and here’s a few names in lights!…..
David and Joseph's name - LCD
David and Joseph’s name – LCD

Ian's name - LCD
Ian’s name – LCD

Oisin's name on LCD
Oisin’s name on LCD

Darragh's name on LCD
Darragh’s name on LCD

Casey's name on LCD
Casey’s name on LCD

Have fun this week, and:……   be cool!
Cheers, Jim/Nick/Alan