What’s Happening 30th November 2012!

We’ve got a packed line-up for this Friday’s Kinsale Coderdojo. We’ve got some internal demos from a couple of our star dojo’ers, and a demo of the Saile Android App that was inspired by Ken Forde and his Android group (and driven by Siobhan Green), and then a surprise presentation of Christmas 2012 tech toys….to inspire you with some cool gadgets/technology…that is going to be lead by Shane McCarthy and his support from UCC.
Agenda for this Friday’s Kinsale Coderdojo….
7.00 pm – 7.20 pm : Demos of “Rigs of Rods” (presented by Donal) and “Scratch – Minecraft Game” (presented by Anthony)
7.20 pm – 7.40 pm : Kinsale “Saile” Android app demo (with real-time content management coolness!)…presented by Siobhan Green + Ken Forde
7.40 pm – 8.45 pm : 2012 Christmas Toy ideas, led by Shane McCarthy (and friends)….should be cool!
Don’t forget! Late Late Toy show on after!
Jim Blair.