What’s Happening – 8th March 2012

So, what’s happening in our meeting on the Friday 9th March 2012? We’re meeting up at 7.00pm at Ballinacurra House and will be finishing at 9.00pm. Thanks so much Des & Co for the facility.
Seafra will be giving us a look at what he’s been coding and then he’s going to help some of the more advanced programmers get stuff done.
We’re going to get that ball movin’ across the screen – with luck:). We’ve a bit of code to add to what we did last week. You can find the completed code from last week here, so you should download this code if you didn’t finish it. 
To save you a bit of time, you can copy this code into NotePad ++ at the end of the <script> tag:
[sourcecode language=”javascript”]
function computeWin(){
    if(document.body.clientWidth) {
 } else {
 return this;
Here’s the rest of the code (which you cannot copy!), so print out a copy:

And another small bit…
[sourcecode language=”html”]
<a href="#" onclick="startTimer()">Start It</a></p>
<a href="#" onclick="stopTimer()">Stop It</a></p>