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CoderDojo Kinsale goes online!

It’s safe to say that everybody has been affected by Covid-19 and in this difficult time, we must all do our party to keep the community safe. Here at CoderDojo Kinsale, we have moved or weekly sessions online and have had great success in providing a safe space for Ninjas to collaborate and showcase their amazing projects.  

CoderDojo has always been about bringing people together as a community and we have continued that ethos even in times where we must stay apart. 

Read more in our latest news to see some of the amazing stories from the last few months.

Information For New Members

Since the very beginnings of CoderDojo, there has always been the highest regard for the safety of children within clubs. Moving sessions online has posed new challenges in how best to ensure this safety and we are actively working with other groups in the community to put a system of best practices in place.

Until this is set in stone, it means that we can only accept new members that are students of Kinsale Community School. We are working to expand this to other schools and groups but given the increased workload that has been placed on school teachers and community leaders, this will take time.

We recommend registering an account and joining our Dojo on the CoderDojo site as you will then be included in our weekly emails to Dojo members. Any changes to the situation will also be updated here. In the meantime, we have gathered the resources that we use in our Dojo and made them available on this site. Feel free to check them out and start coding!

Information For Current Members

For any Ninjas or Mentors that have been part of our Dojo previously, once you have been given your account details, you can sign in below. Keep an eye on your emails for updates on weekly sessions!

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your log in details or password. Click on the link below to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.